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  • Couture Boule Dining Table
  • Couture Boule Dining Table
  • Couture Boule Dining Table

Couture Boule Dining Table


The Couture Boule Dining Table is distinguished by its creatively engineered table top, which features a split at the top with live edge details and its uniquely designed chic X shaped base. Construction to this magnificent table starts by using two large plank boards made of solid French oak wood from the cool climate of northern Burgundy,France, clamped and laminated matched for grain features and color grading. The tabletop is then given a seared oak finish. The seared oak finish is created using iron oxide for the first stage. The application turns the oak a dark blue/black as the chemical bonds with the tannin. This is then neutralized with an alkaline mixture, which turns the color a rich wenge brown. This process brings out. Hairline fractures and open splits are double dovetailed together and incorporated into the art of this dining table. The well-engineered tabletop then rests on elegant hand crafted X shaped stainless steel legs in a brushed gold finish, giving this table its touch of modern sophistication. The Nuevo Couture Boule Dining Table can be used on residential, commercial setting and is truly created combining the secrets of the alchemist finisher and the wisdom of the woodsman. Available in 112"W x 44"D x 29½"D.


  • Modern and outdoor rustic combination
  • Oak tabletop made with 2 wood planks with live edge detail
  • Table finished in a seared oak color
  • Double dove tailed joinery used on hairline fractures and opens splits
  • X shaped legs made on brushed gold stainless steel
  • Can also be used in commercial settings
  • Also available in 112"W x 44"D x 29½"D


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