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  • Zuo Modern Pulsar Ceiling Lamp
  • Zuo Modern Pulsar Ceiling Lamp

Pulsar Ceiling Lamp


The Pulsar Ceiling Lamp is a stellar designed lamp reminiscent to the classic 1950’s space race era. This out of this world modern ceiling lamp features 24 light sockets, which stem out from a center chrome ball, similar to earths first artificial satellite The Sputnik 1 and hold Size E12, Type G45 Max Watt 25 bulbs. A dimmable switch can be added to the Pulsar Ceiling Lamp to create a custom ambience in any room setting.


  • Stellar design reminiscent to the Sputnik 1 satellite
  • 24 chrome tubes stem from a single chrome ball
  • Holds Size E12, Type G45 Max Watt 25 bulbs
  • Dimmable switch can be added for custom ambience


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