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  • zuo molokai bar table
  • zuo molokai bar table

Molokai Bar Table


The Molokai Bar Table features a stunning, sleek and stylish design made to impress. This gorgeous bar table is constructed with stainless steel, which starts from the bottom and curves its way to the very top of the 23.6” round tabletop. Upgrade dining room or kitchen areas with The Molokai Bar Table that can seat 2 people comfortably.


  • Stunning, sleek and stylish design made to impress
  • Constructed with stainless steel from top to bottom
  • Smooth 23.6" round tabletop
  • Perfect to upgrade any dining or kitchen area
  • Can seat 2 people comfortably

molokai bar table stainless steel by zuo modern zuo 401185 bar table by zuo 

Price: $747.00
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